Green Buttons Mother's Day

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lately ...

I really need to post things we have been doing in my classroom.  We've been learning and doing so very much.  I just need to share.  Soon!  I promise.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The bus ride to and from the play.  This little sweetie is describing the size of the pea that kept the Princess from sleeping.  She thought it was the funniest thing.  I love to see them have so much fun!

Today was Field Day #3.   We traveled by bus to watch Princess and the Pea at the Theatre downtown.  We had wonderful seats this time, right next to the restroom!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today we celebrated 100 Days of School in Kindergarten by learning all about counting to 100.

This picture shows our Pizza with 100 toppings and our Bubble Gum ball machine.
Although this looks hard to make, I put it together in a matter of minutes.  I cut the shapes out using poster board and the pizza toppings were made by folding construction paper several times, drawing freehand little mushrooms, pepper circles, pepperoni circles, cheese strips and black circles for olives.  I used a hole punch to make the holes in the olives.  It really didn't take long at all.

We counted by tens to make two groups of each topping.  We did the same for the Bubble Gum Machine.

Next, we used poster paper to make counting mats.  We cut little white circles and labled each one with the number ten.

We put out ten paper plates full of small goodies and let each child take a baggy to collect ten of each item.  The children then placed each group of ten on their counting mats.  When 10 groups were filled, they counted by ten to check to make sure they had 100 treats.  Afterwards, each child filled their baggy with 10 different types of treats to take home and share with their families.

They loved this activity.  I thought I would need a lot of treats for this acticity, but I ended up with a lot of leftovers.